Project Proposal – This I Believe

For my “This I Believe” project, I would like to focus on my belief of imagining people as complex beings. I feel that all too often people are quick to judge one another and then stand firmly within those judgments, unwilling to take time and consider if the haste decisions of character are valid or not. I am certainly not immune from participating in these actions, but I have become determined to condition myself to take the extra time and consider what makes the person complex. Unlike poorly written characters, no person is one-dimensional. People have backgrounds with ups, downs, hardships, and successes. They have dreams and desires. They produce thoughts of their own, work towards their goals, and lead their lives as they see fit. For these reasons, I feel that it can be insulting to reduce a person to a simple “good” or “bad” without considering what makes them that way.

This is not to, in any way, excuse the Adolf Hitlers of the world. But I feel that, especially in today’s political and media climate, we are too quick to label people or organizations simply by whether or not we agree with them. We can take a look at the front page of any news media resource and quickly point out the “good guys” and the “bad guys,” often just based on party lines. We create echo chambers and become virtually unproductive by doing this. I feel that if we, as a people, work together towards a goal of imaging each person as complex we would better understand each other, we would be able to work better together and that we would become a more harmonious society.

We like to think of ourselves as complex beings, why should we not consider others as the same?

Time Line for Completion:

February 14th – Complete research and collect any needed sources

February 15th – Start script writing

February 21st – Complete script

February 22nd – Start recording

February 26th – Complete recording

February 27th – Start editing

March 14th – Finish editing

March 26th – Turn in final product


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